Samsung SIII mini

Samsung was launching their new ‘mini’ version of their SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII amidst the heated smartphone war which targeted to the youth market.

Our target market is highly dependent with this device-dependent-messenger feature provided by one of our competitor, Blackberry. That was our biggest challenge.


“Why am I so addicted to my device-dependent-messenger device?” The answer is Social Acceptance.

The trend is currently moving to OTT social media applications, such as; Path, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Their current device has big limitations since they can only access Twitter and Facebook. 


Here’s what we did:

We created digital strategy : a conversational-based campaign on digital media utilizing Key Opinion Leaders in social media to create two-phased social pressure inducing them to move on and join the new social media trend with Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini.

Phase 1 – #BelumBisaMoveon

Unbranded conversations about moving on in life, to bridge the conversation to a more specific topic about moving on from unsupportive gadgets. 

Phase 2 – #ReadytoMoveOn

Riding the wave of previous buzz about unsupportive gadgets, Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini came as the hero to tackle the issue and fulfil their need for social acceptance. 


This social media campaign had become a successful digital campaign. Both #belumbisamoveon & #readytomoveon hashtags had successfully become trending topic in Indonesia, along with the term Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini on the same day. 

Samsung Indonesia gained:

- 51.887 new Twitter followers

- 34.961.409 total people reached

- 647.212.617 total impressions

- Campaign hashtag was generated 953.901 times in the Twitter-sphere.

- Our campaign was completed with a sponsored music video about ‘Moving On’ sung by a market-relevant local artist, RAN, to seal the deal.


All these great results happened because we make them realize that,