Develop a NIVEA digital strategy campaign for Indonesia’s Mother’s Day (22 Dec) that creates a strong relevance between mothers as the heart of the family and NIVEA Crème, by tapping on the caring elements and emotional family moments. 


In Indonesia, the words “I Love You” are often said towards friends but very rarely to parents. This is due to several reasons.

- It was caused by an emotional barrier, commonly found in countries with high-context culture

- Most of us celebrate Mother’s Day through social media


We wanted to inspire Indonesian people to say “I Love You” directly to their mother, and show our love in Mother’s Day; through two-phased activities.

We started with a low-barrier activity, inviting people to write inspiring stories about their mother to prove that they do remember about precious things their mother did for them. 

Secondly, we selected the best stories from digital media and created a surprise movie for their mothers. On the 22nd of December, we held an on ground event on cinema where the movie finally being revealed to the mothers, thus providing an ultimate moment to directly say “I Love You” to each other.


P.S. I Love You Mom is the only brand campaign that has a Twitter Trending Topic on a Mother’s Day and managed to mark some successful digital campaign achievements, such as:

- Received a total of 1.3 million positive engagements across portals.

- A total of 1.5 million video views, and is still growing organically.

- P. S I Love You Mom has reached the highest recall of Mother’s Day Campaign in comparison to other skincare brands in 2014 (TNS, 2014).

- P.S I Love You Mom has won the NIVEA Advertising Award 2015, competing against other countries around the world, such as Japan, Brazil and Russia.


Most importantly, this digital marketing campaign has successfully inspired a lot of people to do the simplest, yet the hardest thing on a Mother’s Day, saying:


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