During the heating moment of Palestine Crisis, UNICEF Indonesia as the worldwide organization focusing on children welfare, dedicated to help young generation of Palestine through donations.


UNICEF realize that Indonesia is a country with one of the biggest population on the planet. Therefore, a little help from Indonesia can absolutely make a big impact.

The challenge is to make a dependable channel to grab all the donations from a huge number of  Indonesian people and to deliver the message well to a wide spectrum of demographic.


We understand that Google is the top search engine in Indonesia; based on this fact, we devised SEM (Social Engine Marketing) digital strategy to optimize awareness all across the nation and make it as a trigger for people to make a donation through digital media.


The result is quite stagerring, by less than one month we succeeded to achieve these impressive digital campaign milestone :

- We achieve most of the KPIs initially proposed, even some are tripled

- Ads placement on search engine are at 1.6, this is deemed good as around 3 is the benchmark

- We have exceeded our expectation by  far, although the actual number is not quite shareable


Most importantly, the children of Palestine can now have a better life and feel the


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